Monday, November 3, 2008

The Artful Table

Today's blog is about a fun event that took place locally this past weekend, 'The Artful Table.'

The Dawson County arts council held it’s second “Artful Table” luncheon this past weekend. It was a fund raiser for a local art council. Tables were decorated for the luncheon. All types of people and groups signed up to decorate tables using all types of themes. The men who were the servers for the luncheon are on the board of the arts council. This year was a sold out event with over 100 people attending.

I had the idea to sign up to decorate a table using greeting cards with the theme ‘Send Out to Give.’ I talked two of my friends and fellow distributors into helping. I knew between the three of us, we could come up with a beautiful table. After some tedious planning and staging hours, trips to the store, the washing and polishing of dishes and silver, we pulled it all together. Our table was beautiful. I think we even surprised ourselves.

The luncheon was wonderful. We met lots of wonderful people, had lots of comments and compliments on our table, and some interest in the greeting cards. Each person who attended voted on their favorite table. The tables were incredible. The creativity was just unbelievable. Although our table didn’t win, we had a great time and it was a very enjoyable day.

Here is a link on my Facebook account to view all the tables:

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