Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't go Naked on the internet!

Yes, you read the title right. And what does that mean you ask. I heard the term from a friend of mine and she was referring to the signature field when you send an email and not using this area to include your contact information, business name, and maybe your tagline.

There are several reasons to do this. Below are some that I thought of and I've also listed some other information about general posting to the internet. If you have others, please share.

1. Include a phone number. Don't assume the person you are communicating with has your number at their finger tips or programed in their speed dial. Many times I have had the need to call someone back and one of the places I look for their number is a recent email. I did this the other day when I was suppose to meet with someone for coffee. Yes, shame on me for not asking for and writing their number down. Anyway I checked the last several emails we had exchanged about our meeting and no phone number, so I resorted to sending an email to confirm our meeting. Luckily the person received it and it all worked out well.

2. List your company information, i.e. website, tagline, etc.. Someone might be interested in your products or services. That's how I found the greeting card business. I was surfacing the web looking for information on 'The Laws of Attraction' and read a post that had a signature line about sending a greeting card. So I did, now it's part of my business.

3. Post a photo, not a cute avatar, company logo, etc. especially on social networks. How can someone warm up to you or get to know you when they have no face to relate to. And make it a recent photo. Everyone now a days has a digital camera or camera on their phone. Take a few minutes and have someone take your photo and post it. I have a business associate who has a massive following on Twitter, but she will not follow anyone that doesn't have a photo. And what about Facebook! Have you ever searched for someone on FB? You might get several of the same names and with no photo, how are you suppose to know which one is the right person! What do you have to hide?

4. When you join a social website, put some information out there. Let people know who you are, what you do, what your interests are, etc. Again it's a
S O C I A L network. If you don't have any info out there, then you're just a lurker or stalker.

5. Participate. It doesn't take hours, but it can become addictive. Post a status, a comment, an opinion, a compliment, say happy birthday, congratulations, etc. Just like you would if you were at any other social gathering. Don't be a wall flower.

So if you want to get to know people, whether it's for personal or business reasons let them know something about you, The REAL You. Don't go naked on the internet.

Happy Networking!
Painted Lady Enterprises
"Helping You and Your Business Look Good"


Dennis Lynn said...

Very good blog - great advice. I'm sometimes guilty of omitting a signature, phone number, etc...thinking the person I'm communicating with has it all in their little head...well...often they will forward the message I sent to a third party. Guess what? The moron who authored the original message (me) has left no way for anyone out there to contact him. Duh. Heed these advisories...

paintedlady musings said...

That is another good reason to add the contact info, you never know when someone will forward your email to someone else. Thanks Dennis.


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