Friday, July 17, 2009

Time for Celebration!

Today I am celebrating finding an amazing service three years ago and I want to give you a gift. Be sure and read to the very end to find out what my gift to you is.

Three years ago I was searching on the internet for information on The Laws of Attraction. I was clicking on various websites and I happened on a forum about LOA. I read the posts and noticed a signature link about greeting cards. I have always been a card sender so it intrigued me. I clicked on the link and filled out the form to request to send a free card. I thought that if the service really did what it said it did, I would be one of their best customers. A little while later I received a phone call giving me the link to the website to send my greeting card. I tried it and was immediately hooked. It DID do everything described and More! I knew I had to have this amazing system. I wouldn't have to go to the card store again. I could truly customize and personalize my cards. It would remind me when to send the cards. I could type my message in the cards and it would come out in my handwriting. I could add photos to the cards. It was to good to be true. I wanted it. For the next three days I did my due diligence and searched the web for what else was out there that was comparable. (I was really searching for a better price. I wanted all the bells and whistles, but I'm also a frugal person so I wanted to know if there was anything else available.) I found some other services, but none offered all the features and they all cost more. So after three days of thought, research, and asking questions I signed up for the Entrepreneur account. My plan was to use it for business as well as personal use, because I was buying about 15 to 30 greeting cards a month. With this service the cards costs a whole lot less than the store brand cards and I didn't have to go to the store or the post office. That saved me time and and lots of money. I could also schedule cards to be mailed ahead of time.

It gets even better. You know how when you find something that's really great you want to tell all your friends about it. Well, I started showing this to a few friends and business acquaintances and they wanted to sign up too. Hmmmm.....I thought this is to easy. It got me to thinking and looking at the advantages offed by this company. The benefits were very appealing. I decided to change my business focus and re-vamped my product offers and marketing and never looked back. To date I have sent over 4050 cards.

This is truly a home based business that anyone who believes in gratitude and showing appreciation can do.

You only need a phone, a computer, and the desire to show and tell people about this amazing product.

No home parties
No opportunity meetings
No inventory
A company with a 5 year track record and growing
Unique product
It's Easy and convenient to use
No high monthly volume required
Product that compliments every business
Product for individual use
Widely used product for both men and woman (in fact the top people in the company are men)
It's International
Minimal start up costs
Competitively priced for consumer
Balance of right now money and residual money
And best of all - It's FUN!

So, what is the gift I'm offering to you?

Chocolate! - I want to give away as many Greeting Card Gift accounts today (and until the end of the month) as possible, so for every person who goes to my website - - fills out the form (and be sure and tell me where you heard about this offer.) I will send you a link to send a free greeting card. When you send one greeting card, Your name will then be placed in a drawing to receive Chocolate Brownies - Yum! So if you have never taken advantage of sending a free card from me, do so now and you just might win Chocolate Brownies. I will draw at the end of July, notify the winner, and post the winner here.

Receive extra chances to win by telling your friends about this offer. Just send me the names of those who you send this offer to and when they send their free card, you will receive another chance to receive Free Brownies. Or tell them to list your name on the form to request their free greeting card.

Thank you for your time and your business. Have a Fabulous Friday!

In gratitude,
Annette - Happy Card Sender!
Painted Lady Enterprises
"Helping You and Your Business Look Good"


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Linda Miller said...

Annette, that is a great idea! You are very creative! Go Annette!


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