Monday, August 3, 2009

And the Winner is.....

In July I made the offer to give away Chocolate Brownies. In order to be eligible to win you had to send a free greeting card. I am pleased to announce that Lanell of Atlanta will be receiving decadent Chocolate Brownies in her mailbox very soon. Lanell is a make up artist and says she will be using the greeting card system for business to send personalized thank yous to her clients and hostesses and personally, she can use them to send greetings to family and friends.

There are over 14,000 greeting cards to choose from. There were over 500 new ones added just last month. Cards for every conceivable occasion. And also gifts for everyone on your gift list. A record was set in June with over 40,000 gifts sent. Chocolate Brownies is just one of many gifts that can be sent with your greeting card. No going to the store or to the post office. Just a few mouse clicks and your greeting cards and gifts are on their way.

Is your mouth watering just thinking about Chocolate Brownies? Well I've decided to make this offer again for the month of August. In order for you to be entered in the drawing for your very own Chocolate Brownies go to and register for a Free Greeting Card Gift account. You will receive a link to the website to send two free greeting cards. These are real cards, not E-Cards. You select your cards, personalize your cards, even add digital photos, click send, and we will print and mail your cards anywhere in the world where postal mail can be delivered. I'm sure there is someone you need to send a card to, i.e. Thank You, Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Congratulations, Just Because, Thinking of you, etc.

Try it today and see how quick and easy it is to send a card and a whole lot cheaper than going to the store. Maybe you'll be my next lucky winner.

Good Luck,
Painted Lady Enterprises
"Helping You and Your Business Look Good"




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