Thursday, October 29, 2009

There is Room for All

Well I am sitting here in shock right now. I had sent out an email this morning to a business acquaintance who runs a very successful networking group asking if they would like to list their group on the new networking site I had recently created, I received a reply saying that they were confused because there were some other sites with similar names and wasn't I a member of the some of the other sites.

Well I guess great minds think alike. Yes there are some other sites for the area with similar names and I think the creator has done an excellent job with the sites. I just now tried to log into the ones I belonged to, only to find out I have been banned.

I recently created for the purpose of listing networking groups and events. I have had a list of networking opportunities on my website for a number of years and just wanted to give people a central location for this type of information. It certainly was not my intention to do anything that would jeopardize any membership or relationship I had with any other site.

It seems because this is a NING site and my identity is for most all my Ning sites, that perhaps other sites see my universal posts as being solicitations which was not my intention.

I did not even know some of these other sites existed until a few days ago. And with the receipt of the email from my acquaintance, I checked to see which ones I was a member of, only to find out I had been banned. I feel that these sites are different, in that the goal of is for the purpose of listing networking groups and events not news, not public affairs, not music, fishing reports, politics, lake levels, etc.

I hope that we can come to a mutual agreement that we can both co-exist and perhaps help each other.

I'm very sorry if I did something I wasn't suppose to. So folks, if you want to see NNG grow with serious networkers and like minded business people in the North Georgia area, join yourself, list your networking groups, events, and invite others to join.

In gratitude,
Painted Lady Enterprises
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paintedlady musings said...

Fences are mended. I'm no longer banned, in fact I'm featured and received this:


I wanted to apologize for jumping the gun and immediately reacting to seeing your advertising for on my ning site. I immediately percieved your site as competition that could potentially erode my user base that I have so pains takenly spent massive amounts of time to build. After looking back to the way I reacted so immaturely I would like to deeply apologize to you and to warmly invite you back to be involved with my local sites. I hope you will accept me on your sites as well. You are something special. I have been addicted to Social Networking and Community Building for a long time now and I have never come across someone with an awesome gift for networking such as yours. I really respect the activity and energy it most likely took from you to build the successful networks you have built and will continue to build. I would like to help populate your site as well as work together to build the number one network for North Georgia and potentially all of Georgia by cross promoting our sites. One day I would like to maybe meet you at a Networking event to discuss possible ideas and goals for the . I have lifted the bans and you are most welcome. I really appreciate and thank you for being an initial catalyst to help my site to grow as it did. It was not me but the good members of the site who helped it grow. Annette, thanks so much for your forgivness in advance and I look forward to chatting with you on the sites and will look forward to meeting you soon. Thanks so much and God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I'm glad it worked out after all. I for one really appreciate the Ning networks and respect each of the ones I belong to for their different goals and directions.

I'm glad you are able to be a part of others as I would like to meet other businesses at the events you post notices about. One way to do that is through the efforts of you, Annette.

Thanks for all you do for the continued growth of not only my business, but of businesses here in Georgia!

The Errand Goddess


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