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How Do You Choose to Celebrate

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The holiday season is here. We received our first greeting card yesterday. Every where we turn we are bombarded with constant reminders from every possible angle. Given the past year's tough economic state, lots of people are finding creative ways to celebrate the holidays. How are you celebrating this year? What traditions are special for you?

For me each holiday season is a time to be with family that we don't get to see often enough. It is a time to reflect on how truly blessed we are to live in this country and to have the freedom to celebrate however we choose. Let us especially be thankful for those past and present who have helped to give us the gift of freedom.

Listed below are the holidays, besides the obvious ones, for the upcoming month according to the Earth Calendar. We have also included the quirky ones from Wellcat.com.

December Events


Day of the Ninja


Pearl Harbor Day


Human Rights Day


Nobel Prize Day


Poinsettia Day


Bill of Rights Day


Boston Tea Party


Louisiana Purchase Day


Forefather's Day




Christmas Day

December-26 to December-31



New Year's Eve

Month Observances

Occasion Link

Safe Toys and Gifts Month Prevent Blindness America
National Stress-Free Family Holiday Month Parenting Without Pressure
Universal Human Rights Month International Society of Friendship & Goodwill

First Full Week
Occasion Link
Aplastic Anemia Awareness Week Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation

Third Week
Occasion Link
Human Rights Week United Nations
International Language Week International Society of Friendship & Goodwill

From WellCat.com - The Quirky Holidays

Dec 1 Bifocals At The Monitor Liberation Day -- Our hearts fill with compassion today for co-workers stuck wearing bifocals at the PC. Shed a tear as their heads bob up and down, in and out, trying to read the monitor, trying to decide which set of lenses to use.
Dec 5 Bathtub Party Day -- Almost everyone nowadays takes showers, so here’s a day to recall some of the luxury of days gone by. Invite a few friends.
Dec 13 Pick A Pathologist Pal Day -- Pathologists and coroners are an especially jovial lot, and befriending one of them offers an ongoing reminder than “tomorrow” is not necessarily a guarantee.
Dec 15 Cat Herders' Day. If you can say that your job, or even your life, is like trying to herd cats, then this day is for you, with our sympathy.
Dec 16 Barbie and Barney Backlash Day -- If we have to explain this to you, you don’t have kids. It’s the one day each year when mom and dad can tell the kids that Barbie and Barney don’t exist.
Dec 21 Humbug Day -- Allows everyone preparing for Christmas to vent their frustrations. Twelve humbugs allowed.
Dec 29 Tick Tock Day -- Time runs out! All those dreams you've had, all those fantasies? It's time, friend. Do it!
Dec 30 Falling Needles Family Fest -- Now that the Yuletide tree’s been up for weeks and hasn’t been watered since a couple of days before Christmas, gather the gang around and watch the needles gently fall one by one. Live it up! Dance barefoot.

We wish each of you and yours a Happy Stress Free Holiday Season.

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