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Everyday is A Celebration!

A new year and a new decade. What are you hoping and dreaming for, looking forward to? Each new day is a reason to be thankful and to celebrate. It is said that what we think about is what we bring about? What's on your mind today?

The Earth Calendar lists all the holidays from around the globe. Listed below are some for the US. The most notable one for me is January is the 8th, The King's birthday for more reasons than it's Elvis' birthday.

Also, check out the Wacky Holidays from WellCat and we have also added a list that was posted on the SOC corporate blog.


New Year's Day


Trivia Day


Twelfth Night




Jackson Day


The King's Birthday (ELVIS)


Balloon Ascension Day


National Pharmacist Day


Stephen Foster Memorial Day


Ratification Day


Prohibition Remembrance Day


Religious Freedom Day


Maintenance Day


Inauguration Day


National Activity Professionals Day

January Events
Unless otherwise stated, these are generally observed in the US only.

Month Observances
March of Dimes Birth Defects Prevention MonthMarch of Dimes Birth Defects Council
National Glaucoma Awareness MonthPrevent Blindness America
Eye Care MonthOptic Foundation of America
Hot Tea MonthTea Council of the USA
Human Resource MonthPersonnel Journal of America
Oatmeal MonthQuaker Oats Company of America
Prune Breakfast MonthCalifornia Dried Plum Board
Retail Bakers MonthRetail Bakers of America
Soup MonthCampbell Soup Company of America
Thyroid Disease Awareness MonthAmerican Assoc. of Clinical Endocrinologists
Volunteer Blood Donor MonthAmerican Assoc. of Blood Banks
Tuberous Sclerosis Awareness MonthTuberous Sclerosis Alliance
National Radon Action MonthEnvironmental Protection Agency
Adopt a Rescued Bird MonthAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Cervical Health MonthNational Cervical Cancer Coalition
National Physiotherapy MonthCanadian Physiotherapy Association
National Birth Defects Prevention MonthMarch of Dimes
Third Week
International Printing WeekInternational Association of Printing House Craftsmen
World Kiwanis WeekKiwanis International
Fourth Week
National Handwriting Analysis WeekAmerican Handwriting Analysis Foundation

The Wacky Holidays from WellCat

Jan 2 Happy Mew Year For Cats Day -- Felines, ever above mere humans in the great chain of being, have a day unto themselves to celebrate the “mewness” of a new time.
Jan 3 Memento Mori -- "Memento, mori, Latin for "Remember, you die," is also the title of a novel by Muriel Spark. We suggest posting the words at home and at work, not to be morbid, but to remind us to cherish all that we have today, for tomorrow may never arrive.
Jan 4 Dimpled Chad Day --This is a day to commemorate all the dimpled chads of the world, left over from various and sundry contested elections. Chads, roasted in garlic, make an excellent sprinkle topping for salads.
Jan 8 Show & Tell Day at Work -- Since students have show and tell at school, adults should get to do the same.
Jan 17 Judgment Day -- Now you don't have to die to see how you measure up to your deity's standards. Just look in the mirror, wait for the answer, and go out and give it another shot.
Jan 22 Answer Your Cat’s Question Day -- If you will stop what you are doing and take a look at your cat, you will observe that the cat is looking at you with a serious question. Meditate upon it, then answer the question!
Jan 23 Snow Plow Mailbox Hockey Day -- It's wintertime, and time for Snow Plow Drivers everywhere to see how many rural mailboxes they can knock over. Twenty extra points for boosting one into the next township.
Jan 25 A Room of One’s Own Day -- For anyone who knows or longs for the sheer bliss or rightness of having a private place, no matter how humble, to call one’s own.
Jan 30 National Inane Answering Message Day -- Annually, the day set aside to change, shorten, replace or delete those ridiculous and/or annoying answering machine messages that waste the time of anyone who must listen to them.

From SOC - I do not know their source for these, but they are some good ones ;)

1- Bonza Bottler Day
6- Sherlock Holmes' Birthday
8- Bubble Bath Day, Clean Off Your Desk Day
16- Psychiatric Technician's Day
17- Golf Day
18- Martin Luther Jr.'s Birthday- (observed the third Monday in
January, actually the fifteenth)
20- Penguin Awareness Day

21- National Hugging Day
23- Answer Your Cat's Questions Day, National Pie Day, Compliment Day
25- Fun at Work Day, Healthy Weight Day, Robert Burns Day, School Nurses Day
26- Australia Day, Spouse's Day
30- Inane Answering Machine Day

What ever day you choose to celebrate remember 'We Have a Card For That.'

Happy New Year!

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