Friday, May 31, 2013

Staying Organized

I recently took part in a discussion with a group of other ladies on tips that help us stay organized.  

Here are the highlights of our discussion on Organization.  

  • Use apps that are available for smart phones and IPad, i.e. check lists, To Do lists, etc.  Great for repetitive lists like groceries, packing, weekly reminders, etc.
  • Use color coded bags or monogrammed bags for different businesses, meetings, crafts, projects, etc.
  • Use color coded file folders.  I like to use Red for Urgent/Priority, Green for money matters, etc.
  • Toodledo app was suggested to use as a task and note manager.  There is a free version.  It will organize your to-do list and notes, and make you more productive. You can use Toodledo as a standalone application, or you can synchronize with, one of the most popular online task managers.  I have started using this and it is wonderful.  I have it synced to my IPhone and IPad.  The image used here is from the IPad app.  Here is the website - 
  • Make a schedule.  Make an appointment with yourself.
  • Work with Vertical files and stand up papers that you are working on.  Makes papers more visible and easier to find until completed.
  • Hire someone to do the things that are not our strengths.  It was also suggested to contact NAPO, The National Association of Professional Organizers, they have people who are working on their accreditation and would be willing to do work with you for free.  Here is their website -
  •  Speaking of NAPO, each of their Professional Organizers usually have their own speciality.  I subscribe to two newsletters from NAPO POs and get great tips from both.  You can find local organizers in your area on their website -
  • I also subscribe to a daily ezine from, which provides great organizational tips. 
  • Pinterest is another great place for organizing tips.  You can use the search feature to find specific ideas for organizing and you can subscribe to different boards.  Here is a link to my board on organizing -
I hope this has been helpful.  Please share your organizing tips.

Happy Organizing,

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