Monday, January 22, 2007

Handwriting Analysis

National Handwriting Analysis Week

January 23 is John Hancock’s Birthday and also is National Handwriting Analysis Week

What does Your John Hancock say about You?


Handwriting analysis began with cave men writing pictures, or symbols, for communication. It is a time tested evaluation tool with research validating back to the early 1600’s. It does not invade a person’s right to privacy and it is non discriminatory. It is also categorized in the Library of Congress as a credible science. Handwriting analysis is applied to investigations, historical profiles, employees and teams, job applicants, and for personal profiling. For information and products on learning how to amaze your friends check out my website for Handwriting materials

A sample of handwriting can reveal over 150 personality traits. Each stroke, mark, slant, letter formation, letter spacing, word spacing and pen pressure tells what is going on inside that person’s mind……what makes them tick! The next time you put your pen to paper - just remember - someone nearby just might be watching how you dot your 'i's and cross your 't's. Or just for fun, give yourself a self-test of your handwriting. Look on my website for a free self-test on your handwriting.

According to proper etiquette, when we write personal notes such as thank you notes, etc., we should respond with a handwritten note. With modern technology and everyone into email, text messaging, etc., the rules of old fashioned manners and etiquette have somewhat gone by the way side.

However, a relatively new company, Send Out Cards™, has matched modern technology with old fashioned etiquette. With their very innovative card system, you can now personalize a card with your own handwriting from your computer. Their service allows for you to have your handwriting scanned, then uploaded to your personal account. From your computer, then when you type your message, it will appear in the card in your own personal handwriting. The company then prints your card, puts it in an envelope, puts a stamp on it, and mails it for you through the U.S. mail. Now that’s what I call a Great Idea! It is such a great idea that SOC will be featured on CNBC and the E channel on an upcoming show called America's Best Products.

To learn more about this great service contact distributor, Annette Walden, by sending email to . If you would like to send a free greeting card and see how this fascinating system works, log onto

Send a free Valentines Day Card



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