Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Analogies Must Be Relevant

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The following is from my very favorite marketing expert, Liz Goodgold, branding expert, author, and speaker.

"As I was exercising at the gym last week, I literally laughed aloud when I saw the latest commercial from Cinergy Health Insurance.

After lengthy voiceover announcements about the importance of good medical care, preventive care, prescription coverage and lab benefits, this unthinkable analogy was heard: “For less than the cost of a pack of cigarettes per day, you can get health insurance.” What? I’m still gasping for breath!

How can you possibly compare the cost of health insurance to an item that is 100% proven to deteriorate your health? And, with only 25% of Americans smoking, what non-smoker even knows the price of a pack?

What’s the hot lesson here? Analogies do work, but they must be relevant to your target.

Wal-Mart’s recent ad shows how making ice cream Sundaes at home 3 times per month vs. going out will save your family over $220.00 per year. Now, that is a relevant and appropriate ad in this economy. And, it’s even more compelling because it gives the specifics; it doesn’t just tout “save money at Wal-Mart” - it gives the exact amount.

Your turn to act: Find a comparable analogy to help your business.

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Do you have an analogy that you use for your business? We would love to hear it. Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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