Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Highest Form of Flattery.....

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They say that the highest form of flattery one can receive is for someone to copy or emulate something you are doing. Is it? In the marketing and advertising business it's done all the time. You take an idea and try and use it yourself.  Hopefully changing it up so that it appears to be an original idea of your own.  If it's an idea of a big corporation, hopefully you don't set yourself up for trademark or copyright infringements.  However, there are some companies that are just down right blatant about it.

Do some feel threaten by what others do or are they trying to ride their coat tails?  Or do they just have a total lack of imagination or original ideas for their own marketing and promotion?

When you're a solepreneur, you do it all.  You are everything from the 'CEO, admin person, marketing department, sales, etc. while trying to look like and compete with those in the larger arenas.  So what do you do when you birth an idea and implement it, only to see it copied verbatim by someone else in a bigger arena?  Do you consider it flattery?  Or stealing your idea?   I guess the answer is, if you didn't copyright it or trademark it in some way, it's all fair game. 

At least Burger King gives McDonald's credit for their 'Egg McMuffin' idea, but I wonder if they asked first?  Do they or should they ask first?

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Unknown said...

Excellent insights. I've been wondering for a while if some little mom and pop shop came up with slapping and egg and cheese on an English Muffin and McDonald's 'stole/borrowed' the idea from them. I remember my dad eating egg sandwiches back in the 60s...

The point is, excellence. Regardless of who may have been making similar product, McDonald's did it very well, (although I rarely eat fast food, I have to admit I love McDonald's biscuit sandwiches and their egg McMuffins!).

I think it's human nature to some extent to expand upon and improve an idea or concept.


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