Monday, November 2, 2009

A Time for Thanksgiving

The time has changed. The days are definitely shorter, but it also seems the years are getting shorter. I would like to think that 'time flies when you're having fun' rather than it being because I'm getting older. But with every passing year I cherish my life and my loved ones even more. For who knows how much time we have left to be with them and enjoy their company.

I received a phone call this week from a father who had lost a daughter in the prime of her life. She was a business acquaintance of mine. I had sent her a birthday card. That is what prompted her father to call me. She had been in the hospital with complications from pneumonia. So sad for someone so young to be taken. Another reason to keep in touch with those we love. You just never know.

As this month is most noted for Thanksgiving, let us give thanks for All the things for which we are grateful. What are you grateful for? I am grateful for my wonderful family, my health, my marriage, my friends, my home, my business, and my list goes on and on.

Listed below are some of the other holidays for the month of November according to and also the quirky ones are also listed from


All Saints` Day


All Souls` Day


Sandwich Day


Marine Corps Birthday


Veterans Day


America Recycles Day


Mickey Mouse's Birthday


US Marine Corps Day


Children's Day


John F. Kennedy's Assassination


National Stop the Violence Day


Thanksgiving Day

Month Observances
Diabetic Eye Disease MonthPrevent Blindness America
American Indian Heritage MonthKQED
Addiction Awareness MonthNational Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
Alzheimer's Awareness MonthThe Alzheimer's Association
Child Safety and Prevention MonthNational PTA
Diabetes Awareness MonthAmerican Diabetes Assoc.
Epilepsy Awareness MonthEpilepsy Foundation
Great American Smokeout MonthCitizens for a Smoke-Free America
Home Care MonthNational Association for Home Care and Hospice's
Hospice MonthNational Hospice Association
Drum MonthPercussive Arts Society
Peanut Butter Lover's MonthPeanut Advisory Board
Real Jewelry MonthJewelers of America Inc.
Stamp Collecting MonthUnited States Postal Service
World Communication MonthInternational Society of Friendship and Goodwill
National Novel Writing MonthNaNoWriMo
America Recycles MonthAmerica Recycles
International COPD Awareness MonthCOPD International
First Full Week
National Fig WeekCalifornia Fig Advisory Board
Second Week
Key Club International WeekKey Club International
National Notary Public WeekAmerican Society of Notaries
National Split Pea Soup WeekUSA Dry Pea and Lentil Industry
Osteopathic Medicine WeekAmerican Osteopathic Association
Third Week
American Education WeekNational Education Association
National Geographic Awareness WeekNational Geographic Society
Operating Room Nurse Awareness WeekAssociation of Operating Room Nurses
National Children's Book WeekChildren's Book Council
Geography Awareness WeekNational Geographic
Week of US Thanksgiving
National Adoption WeekNational Council for Adoption
National Bible WeekLaymen's National Bible Assoc.
Last Week
Family Caregiver WeekNational Family Caregivers Association
National Home Care WeekNational Association for Home Care

And here are the Quirky ones from

Nov 3 Cliché Day --Use clichés as much as possible today. Hey, why not? Give it a shot! Win some, lose some. You'll never know, 'til you try it.
Nov 8 Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day -- Especially for those of us who have tightly closed up the house against chill weather for the next six months. Now is the time to create the heavenly, homey odor of pungently bold cooking. Don’t forget the sauerkraut and garlic!
Nov 18 Married To A Scorpio Support Day -- A worldwide day of remembrance to honor all those married to Scorpions and who suffer greatly. Assert yourself today! Hide their household flow charts.
Nov 19 Have a Bad Day Day -- For those who are filled with revulsion at being told endlessly to “have a nice day,” this day is a brief respite. Store and business owners are to ask workers to tell customers to “have a bad day.”
Nov 20 Name Your PC Day -- Hey, why not? People name their boats! And there’s a lot more PC’s than boats these days. “Binky” is already taken.
Nov 25 Blasé Day A perfect day for the world-weary to revel in their apathy.
Nov 30 Stay Home Because You're Well Day -- So we can all call in “well,” instead of faking illness, and stay home from work.

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963
I wish each one a Happy November and Thanksgiving. Be safe as you travel and be grateful for all of your life's bounty.

In gratitude,
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