Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Time To Make Lists

I’m a list maker.  I have to write things down.  It seems that during the holidays, my lists multiply.  In addition to the normal to-do list, there’s the shopping list, the honey do list, the greeting card list, etc.  And then my lists have lists.

In business lists are very important, especially customer and prospect lists.   Past clients and prospects represent potential income.  It is extremely important for every business to keep contact records of past clients and prospects and keep in touch on a regular and consistent basis.  The reason a business should keep in touch with past clients and prospects is, you never know when they will 1) need your product/service again or 2) have an opportunity to refer you to someone who needs your product/service.   

How to build a list –
  • As you meet potential clients, ask for their contact information.  Even if they don’t purchase at the time, you want to stay in touch.
  • Offer something of value – information.  Start a newsletter with industry information that you publish on a periodic basis, like once a month.  As you meet people, ask if you may add them to your distribution lists.
  • Have an ‘opt in’ feature on your website and/or blog to ‘Join your newsletter distribution list.’  You can also add this feature – ‘Join My List’ - to your Facebook business page.
  • When you do trade shows and expos, give away a door prize by collecting contact information and having a drawing.
  •  When doing speaking engagements, have a sign-up sheet for your newsletter.
  •  When someone makes a purchase, be sure and get their contact information.  Send them a thank you and add them to your distribution list.
-      Also, keep track of where the names on your list come from.  I find it interesting to go back and see the source of the referral/sale.

So now that you have a list, how are some ways to use it? 

How to work a list –

  • When you acquire a new client, you want to send them a thank you note.  You can send an email, but a good old fashion Thank You card sent through snail mail is even better, provided you have their snail mail address.

o   You can also use greeting cards to send them a birthday card, an anniversary card, and about any other type of holiday card.  I recommend sending a totally unexpected card for some unknown holiday at least once a year.  It gets their attention amongst all the junk mail and makes you and your business memorable.

  • I mentioned above creating and sending a newsletter on a regular and consistent basis.  Make your newsletters informative about whatever industry you represent.  People love to be informed.
  •  Use your social media channels.  When you publish your newsletter, post a link to it on all your social media platforms.  Do the same thing when you publish a new blog.  
  •  Use your lists to inform your clients and prospects of sales and specials, however don’t constantly bombard them with only sales and specials or they will unsubscribe because they don’t perceive the value.  Think Givers Gain.  Give them information that is helpful to gain their trust.  They will value that and remember you when they get ready to purchase or have the opportunity to refer you.
If you're not building a list and keeping in touch, someone else is. I hope you found this information of value.  If you need help with newsletters or social media, please contact us.  This is our specialty.

Happy List Making!


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