Thursday, December 19, 2013


I was in line at the grocery store the other day and overheard the clerk ask the person ahead of me if they were ready for the holidays.  Their response was, "I'll be glad when it's over with."  To me, that is so sad.  I don't know their reason for their response.  It could be something in their past that was unpleasant or painful that happened around the holidays.  They could have lost a loved one.  I know several people who are experiencing a loss this holiday season.  I know it's painful, I've been through that myself. 

I love the holidays.  As a child we didn't have a big celebration, a lot of presents, decorations, or big family gatherings.  As an adult I have embraced the holidays and go all out....decorations, getting together with family and friends.  I try not to go overboard on the presents, but try to be thoughtful in my selections.

The one thing besides being with my family that I cherish more are the traditions we've made through the years.  I think those time honored traditions are what makes the holidays special.  I'll share some of mine:

- My children could only open one gift on Christmas Eve.  The gift was a new pair of PJs.  After many years, one of my daughters asked me why they always got new PJs.  I told them it was so they would look pretty for their photos Christmas morning.  I have carried on this tradition with my grandchildren.

- When my children were little, I told them that if they quit believing in Santa Claus, that he would quit coming to see them on Christmas.  I also took them to have pictures made with a 'real' Santa, which when they were growing up there were not alot around with real beards, etc.  I think the last photo I have with them with Santa, the oldest was in high school.

- We could not open our gifts until Christmas morning.  It's over way to quick for me and I wanted the excitement and anticipation to last as long as possible.

We have a number of other traditions, like certain foods that are prepared, etc.  What are some of your traditions?  What is it about the holidays you like the most?  What do you look forward to?  Even if things aren't ideal we are far better off than most people in the world.  I am thankful to live in a country where I can celebrate the holidays and make traditions and memories for me and my family.

May you be happy and celebrate in a way that brings you and those you love joy.

Happy Holidays,


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

An Attitude of Gratitude

The time has changed. The days are shorter, but it seems the years are getting shorter too.  I would like to think that 'time flies when you're having fun,' rather than it being because I'm getting older. But with every passing year I cherish my life and my loved ones even more. For who knows how much time we have left to be with them and enjoy their company.

I found a wonderful inspirational article I want to share with you.  It's called 'Keep an Attitude of Gratitude.' It is from the book 'Attitude is Everything.'  The article was written by Vicki Hitzges and features Zip Ziglar, who is one of my all time favorite motivational speakers.  (The book is also by Vicki.)  Be sure and read all of the article and learn about the marbles.  Click Here to go to the Article.

The book is available on Amazon - 

November is most noted for Thanksgiving, let us give thanks for All the things for which we are grateful. What are you grateful for?   I am grateful for my wonderful family, my health, my marriage, my friends, my home, my business, and my list goes on and on.

Thank you for your time.  Your feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated.

In gratitude,
Painted Lady Enterprises
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dos and Don'ts on What to Post on a Facebook Business Fan Page

In this article I’m going to focus on Dos and Don’ts to post on your Facebook Fan business page.  We all want more ‘Likes’ on our Fan Page, because with more ‘Likes’ means more people see our content thus our Fan base will grow organically.

 Do’s and Don’ts

1.     Don’t treat your Business Facebook Fan Page like your own personal page.
o   Do Create a Facebook content strategy, so you know your themes and topics you will post.  Keep them themed, branded, and always have your consumer in mind.

2.     Don’t persistently post your opinions about controversial topics.  
o   Do Keep your strong opinions off your Business Fan Page, i.e. politics, religion, etc.  Posting content to get your Fans talking, and adding a bit of passion, can increase engagement. Take it too far, and you’re going to lose Likes.

3.     Don’t talk about yourself.  How long do you hang out with people who only talk about themselves?  Not long, right?  Your Fans aren’t going to ‘Like’ you for long if you only talk about your business and products, either.
o   Do get your fans talking about you.  Post informative content.  Educate your consumer with practical tips.

4.     Don’t post one way ‘push’ marketing tactics and overly salesy updates and expect your fans to buy, buy, buy.  You are not printing an ad in a newspaper, you are interacting with your Fans.
o   Do Use engagement tactics, i.e. asking questions, doing surveys, running contests, posting interactive content, etc.

5.     Don’t post long content.  Long, wordy content on Facebook does not get read.   
o   Do Try to make your Facebook updates about the length of a Twitter update.
Limit your word count, and include simple Calls to Action (CTA).  Or use the ‘Notes’ section or write a blog and post a link to your blog post.

6.     Don’t post unrelated content.  Your fans expect to get relevant content from you.  i.e. if you are a coffee shop, don’t start posting beauty tips. 
o   Do Target your content to connect with your genuine customer.
7.     Don’t link to the wrong website(s). 
o   Do checkout and research what you are linking to and correct any mistakes ASAP.  Make sure sites you are linking to are trustworthy.  Acknowledge mistakes.

8.     Don’t ignore negative comments.
o   Do monitor your Fan Page and respond to both positive and negative comments.   Respond to the comments in helpful and personable manner – don’t auto-respond, or spew the same script to every comment.  Use comments as an opportunity to show you are a company that listens.

9.     Don’t get in a posting rut  
o   Do integrate how and what you post and the time your post.  Use other types of media.  Change it up with photos, links to articles, videos, etc.

10.  Don’t beg for ‘Likes’ on Facebook.  It is a big no no.  When you first set up your page, it is perfectly acceptable to invite all your friends to ‘Like’ your page.  Or when you’re reaching a milestone, i.e. say you are 10 away from reaching 500 ‘Likes.’
o   Make sure your content is good quality, and keep your target market in mind when posting.  Make your posts engaging and interactive and the ‘Likes’ will come organically.

You’ve worked hard to gain a following.  Pay attention to their Likes and dislikes.  Keep your Facebook posts authentic, engaging, readable and edited!  Review your analytics to see what your Fans respond to and post more of what they Like.  Your Fan page will then get more ‘Likes’ without your having to ask. 

Your feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated.  Tell us what you would add to the Dos and Don’t list.  

The majority of this article was written by Krista Bunskoek @ Wishpond - Read more at
Want ideas on what to post?  Here is a list of 50 suggestions of things to post on your Facebook Fan Page.  Just remember to keep your posts relevant to your business -

 Happy posting,
Painted Lady Enterprises
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What is a Virtual Assistant?

What does a Chiropractor, a Spa, a holistic health consultant, and a hat shop owner have in common?   

Answer:  They use a Virtual Assistant
What is a Virtual Assistant?
Per Wikipedia - A Virtual Assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office.  Because virtual assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, clients are not responsible for any employee-related taxes, insurance or benefits, except in the context that those indirect expenses are included in the VA's fees.  Clients also avoid the logistical problem of providing extra office space, equipment or supplies.  Clients pay for 100% productive work, and can work with Virtual Assistants, individually, or in multi-VA firms to meet their exact needs.  Virtual Assistants usually work for other small businesses, but can also support busy executives.  It is estimated that there are as few as 5,000-10,000 or as many as 25,000 virtual assistants worldwide.  

Common modes of communication and data delivery include the Internet, e-mail, and phone-call conferences, online work spaces, and fax machine. Increasingly Virtual Assistants are utilizing technology such as Skype as well as Google Voice.  Professionals in this business work on a contractual basis and a long-lasting cooperation is standard.    

Virtual Assistants provide a wide range of products and services. The virtual industry has changed substantially as it attracts others new to the field.  Virtual Assistants come from a variety of business backgrounds, but most have several years experience earned in the "real" (non-virtual) business world.

Given the definition above, a Virtual Assistant can take on many tasks for a busy business person so that they can do what they do best.  For example, a Sales person and/or business owner who needs to be networking, prospecting, and making presentations, may not have the time, patience, inclination, skills, etc. to do consistent marketing.  This is the specialty of Painted Lady Enterprises, i.e. Relationship Marketing.  What is Relationship Marketing?  Relationship Marketing is building a relationship with a prospect and/or keeping in touch with a client over time, so that when they need products / services, or would like to make a referral, the business that is  ‘Top of Mind’ will be the one whom they have heard from on a consistent and regular basis.  The means of communication could be through social media, periodic newsletters, videos, email marketing, direct mail, etc. 
So for a struggling business person who trying to do it all themselves, they might want to consider looking into advantages of letting someone else do those tasks that seem to be overwhelming. 

Recently I attended a presentation on productivity, and the example was given from the book, The Four Day Work Week, on the 80/20 rule.  The example given was that businesses only spend 20 percent of their time doing what increases the bottom line, however they spend 80% of the time on all the other tasks pertaining to their business.  The recommendation is to hire those experts who can do that other 80%, thus giving back the time to concentrate on the bottom line.

There are many Virtual Assistants who specialize in many areas.  What is the 80% that you would like someone else to do for your business?  Your comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated.

In appreciation,
Painted Lady Enterprises
"Helping You and Your Business Look Good"

Friday, August 2, 2013

Memorable Service

They say that 68% of customers leave due to 'perceived indifference.'  I've been musing over this for the past week.  Yesterday, while sitting in traffic I saw this on a service van, "We make our customer service a memorable experience."  It got me to thinking about the different service experiences I've had lately with the companies, businesses, and people I do business with.  I find that I want to do business with those who show that they genuinely want and care about me and my business.  Not just take it for granted that just because I've always done business with a certain company/business, that I will continue to do so. 

So here are some of my observations of 'Memorable Service:'
  • Willing to order a product I want and keep it in stock
  • Knowing me by name when I walk in the store and/or a least recognizing me at check out as a frequent customer.
  • Offering to be of help.  Going to look for an item if there is none on the shelf, instead' of saying, 'if it's not on the shelf we don't have it.'
  • Going beyond what is expected, i.e. taking me to the item I'm looking for, instead of just telling me where it is suppose to be.
  • Attention to details.  For example, my husband surprised me with an article of clothing recently, but I needed to send back for a different size.  It was great that I didn't have to pay to ship it back to exchange it, but when the new item came, it was still the wrong size.  So, it took more time to get their mistake corrected.
  • Providing little extras.  More than what is expected.  For example my nail salon offers me a beverage.  Gives mini shoulder rubs, hot towels, hand and forearm massage. 
  • Showing concern.  Not just asking how are you doing, but engaging in meaningful conversation.
  • Enjoy what they do.  If they don't like what they are doing, then more than likely it shows in everything  they do and they are going to do the least amount they can to get by.
So, what it your definition of 'Memorable Service?'  What do you want from those you spend your money with? 

And by all means, please express your gratitude to those who do go the extra mile and provide that 'Memorable Service.'  They need to hear it so that they know that someone appreciates all they do.  Take that extra time to say Thank You, send an email to them and their supervisor, and/or send a Thank You card.  Your Thank You might be the only recognition they receive.

In gratitude,

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Business Boosting Tips

How does Summer affect your business?  Do you have a slowdown in sales?   

Some people just assume that business is just not going to be very good during the summer months.  But that doesn't have to be the case.  Like everything else, if you think it's so, it is.

While Summer may be a lazy time for some, we can change our frame of mind to "Let's make hay while the sun shines."   

Here are some tips to boost Summer business:

1. Keep in Touch - This could not be more important than now.  Touch base with all your client power base, i.e. those clients that continue to use your services and refer you.  See how you can be of help to them during the summer months.   

2.  Follow up - Target those that aren't slowing down either during the summer.  Schedule appointments with prospective customers.   

3.  Focus on Marketing efforts - Attend networking meetings, distribute flyers, updating website / blog, post on social media, etc.

4.  Appreciation Marketing - Send a Thank You card to those long time customers.  Let them know how much you appreciate their business.  Perhaps sending a gift or offering a discount on their next order.    

5.  Go Beyond the call of duty - While other competitors relax during the summer months, ensure that your customer service is 'Top Notch' and above the norm.  Let your clients and prospects know that you are willing to make things happen and handle special needs.   

Make Summer Time your opportunity to shine.  By using these tips you are staying 'Top of Mind' with your clients and prospects.  You are letting them know, that even though it's Summer, you are still Open for Business. 

I hope this has been helpful.  Please share your Summer Business tips with us.  Your comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Happy Summer Sales,

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why Email Marketing?

Because personal one-to-one communication with your customers that's targeted and inspires conversions is hard to beat.

  •  It's more personal than social media
  • 66% of online consumers check their email account multiple times per day, with 13% of online consumers actually checking their email hourly or more frequently
  • Makes it quick and easy to follow up, send newsletters, special offers, etc. 
  • Email provides you the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales
  • It's also amazingly cost-effective
  • Good email content deepens your relationship with your audience, builds loyalty, & referrals
  • Email inspires action - conversion rate for email was 3.19 percent, compared to 1.95 percent for search, and just .71 percent for social media

Keep in mind that people buy when they have a perceived need or want.  By continuously keeping in touch, you and your business will be 'Top of Mind' when they need your products or services or perhaps refer you to someone.


Why Constant Contact:
- The Leader in the industry
- Easy customizable templates
- Individualized training, help, support, & coaching
- Integration tools of social media, surveys, event
- Easy to use.  No Technical experience necessary
- Image editing & Storage
- Managing all your contacts in one place
- Easily import contacts from other databases
- Keeps lists current with automatic duplicate checks & unsubscribe removal
- Autoresponder
- Spam checker
- Tools to automate & grow your permission based list
- Real-time Reporting, tracking, & integration with Google Analytics

I am a Business Partner with Constant Contact.  I would be happy to help you get started using this amazing tool.  Contact me today and get signed up to try it for FREE for 60 days.

Happy Emailing,

"Helping You and Your Business Look Good" 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Staying Organized

I recently took part in a discussion with a group of other ladies on tips that help us stay organized.  

Here are the highlights of our discussion on Organization.  

  • Use apps that are available for smart phones and IPad, i.e. check lists, To Do lists, etc.  Great for repetitive lists like groceries, packing, weekly reminders, etc.
  • Use color coded bags or monogrammed bags for different businesses, meetings, crafts, projects, etc.
  • Use color coded file folders.  I like to use Red for Urgent/Priority, Green for money matters, etc.
  • Toodledo app was suggested to use as a task and note manager.  There is a free version.  It will organize your to-do list and notes, and make you more productive. You can use Toodledo as a standalone application, or you can synchronize with, one of the most popular online task managers.  I have started using this and it is wonderful.  I have it synced to my IPhone and IPad.  The image used here is from the IPad app.  Here is the website - 
  • Make a schedule.  Make an appointment with yourself.
  • Work with Vertical files and stand up papers that you are working on.  Makes papers more visible and easier to find until completed.
  • Hire someone to do the things that are not our strengths.  It was also suggested to contact NAPO, The National Association of Professional Organizers, they have people who are working on their accreditation and would be willing to do work with you for free.  Here is their website -
  •  Speaking of NAPO, each of their Professional Organizers usually have their own speciality.  I subscribe to two newsletters from NAPO POs and get great tips from both.  You can find local organizers in your area on their website -
  • I also subscribe to a daily ezine from, which provides great organizational tips. 
  • Pinterest is another great place for organizing tips.  You can use the search feature to find specific ideas for organizing and you can subscribe to different boards.  Here is a link to my board on organizing -
I hope this has been helpful.  Please share your organizing tips.

Happy Organizing,

"Helping You and Your Business Look Good"


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