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Dos and Don'ts on What to Post on a Facebook Business Fan Page

In this article I’m going to focus on Dos and Don’ts to post on your Facebook Fan business page.  We all want more ‘Likes’ on our Fan Page, because with more ‘Likes’ means more people see our content thus our Fan base will grow organically.

 Do’s and Don’ts

1.     Don’t treat your Business Facebook Fan Page like your own personal page.
o   Do Create a Facebook content strategy, so you know your themes and topics you will post.  Keep them themed, branded, and always have your consumer in mind.

2.     Don’t persistently post your opinions about controversial topics.  
o   Do Keep your strong opinions off your Business Fan Page, i.e. politics, religion, etc.  Posting content to get your Fans talking, and adding a bit of passion, can increase engagement. Take it too far, and you’re going to lose Likes.

3.     Don’t talk about yourself.  How long do you hang out with people who only talk about themselves?  Not long, right?  Your Fans aren’t going to ‘Like’ you for long if you only talk about your business and products, either.
o   Do get your fans talking about you.  Post informative content.  Educate your consumer with practical tips.

4.     Don’t post one way ‘push’ marketing tactics and overly salesy updates and expect your fans to buy, buy, buy.  You are not printing an ad in a newspaper, you are interacting with your Fans.
o   Do Use engagement tactics, i.e. asking questions, doing surveys, running contests, posting interactive content, etc.

5.     Don’t post long content.  Long, wordy content on Facebook does not get read.   
o   Do Try to make your Facebook updates about the length of a Twitter update.
Limit your word count, and include simple Calls to Action (CTA).  Or use the ‘Notes’ section or write a blog and post a link to your blog post.

6.     Don’t post unrelated content.  Your fans expect to get relevant content from you.  i.e. if you are a coffee shop, don’t start posting beauty tips. 
o   Do Target your content to connect with your genuine customer.
7.     Don’t link to the wrong website(s). 
o   Do checkout and research what you are linking to and correct any mistakes ASAP.  Make sure sites you are linking to are trustworthy.  Acknowledge mistakes.

8.     Don’t ignore negative comments.
o   Do monitor your Fan Page and respond to both positive and negative comments.   Respond to the comments in helpful and personable manner – don’t auto-respond, or spew the same script to every comment.  Use comments as an opportunity to show you are a company that listens.

9.     Don’t get in a posting rut  
o   Do integrate how and what you post and the time your post.  Use other types of media.  Change it up with photos, links to articles, videos, etc.

10.  Don’t beg for ‘Likes’ on Facebook.  It is a big no no.  When you first set up your page, it is perfectly acceptable to invite all your friends to ‘Like’ your page.  Or when you’re reaching a milestone, i.e. say you are 10 away from reaching 500 ‘Likes.’
o   Make sure your content is good quality, and keep your target market in mind when posting.  Make your posts engaging and interactive and the ‘Likes’ will come organically.

You’ve worked hard to gain a following.  Pay attention to their Likes and dislikes.  Keep your Facebook posts authentic, engaging, readable and edited!  Review your analytics to see what your Fans respond to and post more of what they Like.  Your Fan page will then get more ‘Likes’ without your having to ask. 

Your feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated.  Tell us what you would add to the Dos and Don’t list.  

The majority of this article was written by Krista Bunskoek @ Wishpond - Read more at
Want ideas on what to post?  Here is a list of 50 suggestions of things to post on your Facebook Fan Page.  Just remember to keep your posts relevant to your business -

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