Friday, August 2, 2013

Memorable Service

They say that 68% of customers leave due to 'perceived indifference.'  I've been musing over this for the past week.  Yesterday, while sitting in traffic I saw this on a service van, "We make our customer service a memorable experience."  It got me to thinking about the different service experiences I've had lately with the companies, businesses, and people I do business with.  I find that I want to do business with those who show that they genuinely want and care about me and my business.  Not just take it for granted that just because I've always done business with a certain company/business, that I will continue to do so. 

So here are some of my observations of 'Memorable Service:'
  • Willing to order a product I want and keep it in stock
  • Knowing me by name when I walk in the store and/or a least recognizing me at check out as a frequent customer.
  • Offering to be of help.  Going to look for an item if there is none on the shelf, instead' of saying, 'if it's not on the shelf we don't have it.'
  • Going beyond what is expected, i.e. taking me to the item I'm looking for, instead of just telling me where it is suppose to be.
  • Attention to details.  For example, my husband surprised me with an article of clothing recently, but I needed to send back for a different size.  It was great that I didn't have to pay to ship it back to exchange it, but when the new item came, it was still the wrong size.  So, it took more time to get their mistake corrected.
  • Providing little extras.  More than what is expected.  For example my nail salon offers me a beverage.  Gives mini shoulder rubs, hot towels, hand and forearm massage. 
  • Showing concern.  Not just asking how are you doing, but engaging in meaningful conversation.
  • Enjoy what they do.  If they don't like what they are doing, then more than likely it shows in everything  they do and they are going to do the least amount they can to get by.
So, what it your definition of 'Memorable Service?'  What do you want from those you spend your money with? 

And by all means, please express your gratitude to those who do go the extra mile and provide that 'Memorable Service.'  They need to hear it so that they know that someone appreciates all they do.  Take that extra time to say Thank You, send an email to them and their supervisor, and/or send a Thank You card.  Your Thank You might be the only recognition they receive.

In gratitude,


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