Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why Email Marketing?

Because personal one-to-one communication with your customers that's targeted and inspires conversions is hard to beat.

  •  It's more personal than social media
  • 66% of online consumers check their email account multiple times per day, with 13% of online consumers actually checking their email hourly or more frequently
  • Makes it quick and easy to follow up, send newsletters, special offers, etc. 
  • Email provides you the most direct line of communication for conversion to sales
  • It's also amazingly cost-effective
  • Good email content deepens your relationship with your audience, builds loyalty, & referrals
  • Email inspires action - conversion rate for email was 3.19 percent, compared to 1.95 percent for search, and just .71 percent for social media

Keep in mind that people buy when they have a perceived need or want.  By continuously keeping in touch, you and your business will be 'Top of Mind' when they need your products or services or perhaps refer you to someone.


Why Constant Contact:
- The Leader in the industry
- Easy customizable templates
- Individualized training, help, support, & coaching
- Integration tools of social media, surveys, event
- Easy to use.  No Technical experience necessary
- Image editing & Storage
- Managing all your contacts in one place
- Easily import contacts from other databases
- Keeps lists current with automatic duplicate checks & unsubscribe removal
- Autoresponder
- Spam checker
- Tools to automate & grow your permission based list
- Real-time Reporting, tracking, & integration with Google Analytics

I am a Business Partner with Constant Contact.  I would be happy to help you get started using this amazing tool.  Contact me today and get signed up to try it for FREE for 60 days. 


Happy Emailing,

"Helping You and Your Business Look Good" 


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