Monday, February 8, 2016

Love Thy Clients and Customers

Last week was International Networking Week.  I was asked to do a Lunch and Learn for a local Chamber of Commerce.  Part of my presentation stressed the importance of staying in touch with past customers and prospects.  So many businesses focus on getting new clients and sometimes they tend to neglect the existing clients they have.  I’ve always heard that it costs 5 times more to acquire a new customer versus keeping existing customers.  In an article by, they explain this principle.  

Another math equation that’s hard to explain is; by retaining 5% of our customer base we can increase our business by 50%.  How is that possible?  If our current clients love our products and services they will refer us to their family and friends as well as other business colleagues when given the opportunity.  Who doesn’t prefer a word-of mouth referral versus other means of marketing?
They say the number one reason a customer leaves is perceived indifference.  They didn’t feel appreciated.  Can you relate?

So how do you develop and keep Loyal Clients?  Those who will buy again and again, write reviews, and refer you to their family and friends and other business associates?

Here are a few ways to show your clients you appreciate them:

  • ·        Show them you care beyond the sale – Provide Great Customer Service before, during, and after the sale.  Exceed their expectations.  Show them you care.

  • ·        Keep in touch – Depending on your industry, touch base with your clients periodically just to see how things are going.  Not to sell them something else.  Use high tech, low tech, no tech, whatever it takes to let them know you are there to be of service.

  • ·        Provide information – Educating your clients on ways to use your service/product that will save them time and money.  Providing business tips and information.

  • ·        Handle any issues and complaints in a timely expedient manner.

  • ·        Make your client feel like a V.I.P.  Offer Value-added services and products as a way to say thank you for their on-going business and especially for their referrals.

  • ·        Be a resource to your client.  Seek ways that you can be of service.  Be a connector.  Perhaps referring them to another business colleague who will help them.

  • ·        Show gratitude – Not only after the first sale, but make it a ritual to thank your clients on an on-going basis, for example – some Realtors send a Happy Anniversary card every year on the date that the client purchased their new home.  Or have you ever heard of the World's Greatest Salesman - Joe Girard?  Click here to read his story.

By showing your existing clients that you care and are there for them, they won’t be so apt to leave when someone else offers a lower price.

We would love to hear your comments and the ways you show your clients you care.

Here’s to Happy Clients!
‘Helping My Clients and Their Business Look Good’


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