Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Business Boosting Tips

How does Summer affect your business?  Do you have a slowdown in sales?   

Some people just assume that business is just not going to be very good during the summer months.  But that doesn't have to be the case.  Like everything else, if you think it's so, it is.

While Summer may be a lazy time for some, we can change our frame of mind to "Let's make hay while the sun shines."   

Here are some tips to boost Summer business:

1. Keep in Touch - This could not be more important than now.  Touch base with all your client power base, i.e. those clients that continue to use your services and refer you.  See how you can be of help to them during the summer months.   

2.  Follow up - Target those that aren't slowing down either during the summer.  Schedule appointments with prospective customers.   

3.  Focus on Marketing efforts - Attend networking meetings, distribute flyers, updating website / blog, post on social media, etc.

4.  Appreciation Marketing - Send a Thank You card to those long time customers.  Let them know how much you appreciate their business.  Perhaps sending a gift or offering a discount on their next order.    

5.  Go Beyond the call of duty - While other competitors relax during the summer months, ensure that your customer service is 'Top Notch' and above the norm.  Let your clients and prospects know that you are willing to make things happen and handle special needs.   

Make Summer Time your opportunity to shine.  By using these tips you are staying 'Top of Mind' with your clients and prospects.  You are letting them know, that even though it's Summer, you are still Open for Business. 

I hope this has been helpful.  Please share your Summer Business tips with us.  Your comments and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Happy Summer Sales,


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