Friday, December 29, 2006

A Celebration!

Today was a very good day. I was able to be with my step son and my grandson. Today was my grandson's last Chemo treatment and his Dad's (my step son's) birthday. I met them at the hospital. They arrived in a white stretch limo. That was a promise my son made when my grandson had his first treatment 3 years ago, that they would go for the last treatment in a limo. You know how children are; they don't let you forget those things we promise. Of course Dad was more than happy to be able to honor that promise.

It was a great day. We took lots of pictures of all the people, nurses, the doctor, who has been involved from the beginning. Even the nurse who gave him his treatment today remembered my grandson when he was first diagnosed and even recalled the room he was in. There were lots of hugs. Even the doctor and his favorite nurse gave him a balloon and a Lego airplane to put together while he was getting his last treatment. After almost 4 hours we left to go to my grandson's favorite restaurant to continue the celebration. Lots more pictures, more balloons, big meal, and of course a birthday/congratulations cake! It was great to be a part of this great celebration.

I truly believe that all things happen for a reason. Many Many years ago, after some very unpleasant experiences with my own step mother, I made a promise that if I ever was in a similar situation to not let me treat anyone that way. I had no idea that I was being shown what not to do and learning a very important lesson at the time. But as fate would have it, a few years later I was divorced. And then about 4 years later, married again and having step children of my own, a daughter that lived out of town and a son who was the same age as my youngest daughter. Over the years I tried to make it a point to be as fair and to do what I could to ensure that they knew that I cared about them. Though my late husband and I fought often about what was fair for my girls and what was fair for the son, for both of us had different views especially when it came to curfews, chores, etc. I remember one time when his son overheard us discussing this issue rather loudly. I told him that the argument had nothing to do with him, my issue was with his father and that I felt he had different expectations of the girls than he did of him. He said that he understood.

I thought for sure that after his father passed away over 9 years ago, that we would drift apart. There was an incident about a month later that I felt for sure would drive a wedge between us. But thank God it didn't. He even brought the subject up this past summer when he and his family came for a visit. He told me how much he thought of me, which really meant a lot.

I've watched him grow up and become quite a remarkable man over these past few years. He has certainly had his share of adversity. Shortly after his father's death, he was hired by a major airline and thought he was set, but the airline started to decline over the years, so this past year he chose to leave and found another position with another company and is doing very well. He went through a divorce, not wanting one. But as I believe, all things happen for a reason. He's now married to a wonderful woman who loves him and his boys as her own. And then 3 years ago, his youngest son was diagnosed with leukemia and has gone through 3 long years of treatments. My son has handled all of this like a trooper. I am extremely proud of him as I am sure his father would be also. It's days like this that that show us how truly thankful we should be. I am so thankful that God sent me a young man to be the son I always wanted.

Life is Good!
The Painted Lady



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