Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ten Things to do to build Your Network which increases Your Net Worth.

This past week was International Networking week. I thought I would pass along these tips for networking.

1. Brand Yourself – By Name, Business, Tag Line, Appearance, etc. Be consistent in all your material.

2. Have a 30 Second Infomercial - Your Elevator speech – Be able to tell someone what you do that peeks their interest and makes them ask questions and want to hear more.

3. Noticeable Business Cards – If someone doesn’t comment on your business cards after handing out 5 of them – You need new business cards. (And even if you do order them from Vista, add a little something so you don’t have the Vista logo on the back.)

4. Get a website – (You can always buy your own name as a URL) And have something on it that is useful information. Useful information, tips, lists, etc. So you can refer them to your website to get the information.

5. Say what you do and Do what you Say – Deliver and give Exceptional Customer Service. Be passionate about and stand behind what you sell or get another line of work.

6. Keep in touch with people – Email, Snail mail, Drop by, Just Because, birthday, anniversary, etc. Any good real estate agent is taught to ‘touch’ their warm market at least 10 times per year – why – because Everyone knows somebody that will be buying or selling real estate. This same principal can be applied to any business.

7. Show up – Network – Follow up – Brian Tracy recommends being a member of at least 5 networking groups, 2 closed, 2 open, and 1 volunteer. Remember it takes people seeing and hearing you 7 to 8 times before they remember you and what you do.

8. Take advantage of Free stuff – Submit articles to papers, magazines, and websites. Look for places to leave your business cards, flyers, brochures, etc. Comment on internet forums. Have a blog. Join and participate in on-line social networks, i.e. FaceBook, LinkedIn, Ning sites, etc. and set up and post to Twitter.

9. Let people know how to reach you. When you call someone, unless it’s your mother, leave a phone number and repeat it twice. When you email someone, include a signature line with a phone number.

10. Be a referral source. The ‘Go To’ Person. Who do you know? Givers Gain. Be a referral partner. When you meet someone, be thinking about who you know you that you could introduce them to. Zip Ziglar says that if you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want.

In BNI we are taught V+C=P – Visibility builds Credibility which leads to Profitability.

Happy Networking!


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Unknown said...

What wonderful suggestions. I love your blog

Marjorie & Maureen said...

Great tips and such helpful articles on your blog. I enjoyed reading them all.



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