Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter - Happy Spring!

In my endless search for positive and inspirational material, I found the following which I thought was appropriate for Easter and Spring. Easter is interpreted for many as 'Re-birth.' To me Spring time is a re-birthing of all that the beautiful things in nature that the Universe has given us. And it brings thoughts of the seeds we plant in our lives and how they grow and manifest. Enjoy.

Springtime – The Seeds we Plant

Farmers are planting the seeds for their spring and summer
Crops. What are you planting for your life?

What is it that you want to create this spring, summer, year?
Now is the time to begin planting the ideas of what you

Be definitive, not necessarily in details but know exactly how
you will feel when you have arrived at your desire.

"Manifestation Rides of the Fuel of Emotion"

It is your emotion, how you feel that will help to manifest your
Goals and Dreams.

From Annette Pieper, Explore the Power of Possibilities

Jewels of Life:

The past couple of weeks have been spent preparing our inner garden for planting by fertilizing and working the soil. Now is the time to seed your dreams. When we plant a seed, we set the intention that it will mature into a plant that will bear fruit or grow to maturity, re-seeding itself at the end of its life. We plant a seed expecting it to sprout, take root and grow into something magnificent. Our dreams and desires become manifest when our intentions are planted into the soil of our inner gardens. We begin by setting an intention to move towards our dreams and then take action on our intention. True intentions are stated in the present moment. They are not the “I should, I have to, I must, I will, I will try, or I would like to’s”. Intentions are the “I am” statements we make to ourselves that move us forward on our path. With “I am” messages we tell ourselves that we are committed to do the work now, to take a step. With “I will” messages we put our thoughts and actions to the “someday in the future”. Our intentions are small beginnings towards the bigger picture of our dreams, the seeds from which our dreams grow. Unfortunately, many of us are fearful of planting the seed or setting intentions. We live in barren landscapes, afraid to take the risks necessary to fulfill our greatest desires. Is there an intention that you could set that would step you towards a desire, goal or dream? Call on the vibration of Petrified Wood and plant the seed that will grow to maturity. Set that intention today…I am making that phone call, I am exercising for health, I am cooking a new and healthy recipe, I am saving money towards my dream vacation, etc.

You can’t harvest what you don’t sow. So plant your desires, gently nurture them, and they will be rewarded with abundance. –Vivian Elisabeth Glyck

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