Sunday, January 12, 2020

Getting to Know Your Customers

Did you know that  January 16th is 'Getting to Know Your Customers Day.'  Did you know that Getting to Know Your Customers Day happens once per quarter?  Why do you think this day happens so often?  It's very important to get to know customers and maintain a relationship with existing customers as it is five times harder to get a new client and it cost six to seven times more money than it does to keep an existing client.  So you can see why it's important to get to know your customers.

Here are some ways to Get to Know Your Customers -

  • Ask your customers for their opinions. Both positive and negative feedback lets you know what your customers like.  On 'Get to Kow Your Customers Day, send a survey asking some brief questions.  By asking for your customers' opinions, you convey how important they are in helping you make improvements.  Offering a discount or a giveaway will encourage them to reply.
  • Host a Customer Appreciation event so your customers can meet each other.  Make it a fun experience with activities for the entire family.
  • Send Cards and Gifts - Find out your customer's birthday and anniversary.  Recognize their special day by sending a card and perhaps a gift.  Some enterprising realtors and mortgage agents send an anniversary card on the day their client closed on their home.  And other business owners track the years a customer has done business with them and sends an anniversary card to say thank you for your continued business.
  • Highlight your customer's achievements.  Spotlight the successes of your customers on your social media accounts.  By celebrating their milestone events, you strengthen your relationship with your customers.
  • Keep customers informed by providing them with sneak previews of new products and services.  Since 'Get to Know Your Customer Day' happens four times a year, use this opportunity to announce new products, services, launch dates, etc.  Provide them with samples if appropriate.  By sharing what's happening and what's new, customers feel like an insider to your business.
  • Provide information.  Educate your customers on your industry, not just your products and services but about your industry.  Provide seminars and take the opportunity to thank your clients for their business.
  • Create a rewards program for your customers both for their continued business, but also reward them for their referrals of new clients.
  • Keep in touch and follow up.  Newsletters and social media are great to reach out to clients to inform them of discounts and specials, however, don't forget the personal touch by following up with them when you suspect they might be running out of product or it's time for your service again.  Also, following up after a purchase to find out how they liked the product or service shows customers you really care.
  • Thank You goes a very long way.  Always thank a client for their business.  Sending a personalized thank you card goes a long way and shows you go the extra mile.  
  • Respond to clients' rave reviews as well as negative reviews.  By responding it proves that you are listening to their concerns as well as their compliments.  It only takes a few minutes to respond and offer to resolve the issue.  Also, consider asking longtime clients to leave a positive review, and thank them with a small reward.  
Remember 68% of all customers are lost due to perceived indifference!  A customer who feels appreciated will not go somewhere else when the competition comes calling especially if you have taken the time to get to know them and build their trust and loyalty.

What are some things that you do to get to know your customers?  Your comments and feedback are welcomed and appreciated.

In appreciation,
Painted Lady Enterprises



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