Monday, December 1, 2008

Are Your Greeting Cards Done Yet?

Well it's December and the holidays are fast approaching whether you like it or not. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It's just all the preperation leading up to it that gets me in a panic, wondering how in the world I'm going to get everything done.

One thing I can check off my list is the task of sending my greeting cards. Since I found this wonderful greeting card system over two years ago, sending my holiday cards is a snap. After I finally decide on my theme and design, it's a breeze. I can send a unique personalized card to everyone on my list and even send gifts or gift cards to those out of town that I won't be seeing over the holidays. I love to receive and send cards throughout the year. I guess that's why I enjoy this business so much and I like helping others with their cards too.

I'm also going to be sending greeting cards from Santa again this year. It's my third year to do this. It is so much fun creating cards for all the little ones who still believe in Santa Claus. I just wish I could be there when they get their personalized cards and see the expressions on their little faces. I love hearing from everyone about how surprised their child was and how they had to read the card to them over and over again.

Sending cards is just one of my favorite things about the Holiday season. I love the music, the decorations, all the good food, and of course seeing and visiting with family and friends.

Now if the cleaning and organizing fairy will show up and get busy, maybe I'll be ready by the time all the family starts arriving.

Happy Holidays,

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